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PBID Uniprot Name Gene Alternative Organism Uniprot Description
PB0112 P45452 Collagenase 3 MMP13 CLG3, MANDP1, MDST, MMP-13, matrix metallopeptidase 13 Homo_sapiens Plays a role in the degradation of extracellular matrix proteins including fibrillar collagen, fibronectin, TNC and ACAN. Cleaves triple helical collagens, including type I, type II and type III collagen, but has the highest activity with soluble type II collagen. Can also degrade collagen type IV, type XIV and type X. May also function by activating or degrading key regulatory proteins, such as TGFB1 and CCN2. Plays a role in wound healing, tissue remodeling, cartilage degradation, bone development, bone mineralization and ossification. Required for normal embryonic bone development and ossification. Plays a role in the healing of bone fractures via endochondral ossification. Plays a role in wound healing, probably by a mechanism that involves proteolytic activation of TGFB1 and degradation of CCN2. Plays a role in keratinocyte migration during wound healing. May play a role in cell migration and in tumor cell invasion.

DomainsGene Ontology
PF00045 (4_Hemopexin)
PF00413 (Peptidase_M10)
PF01471 (PG_binding_1)
GO:0004175 (enables) endopeptidase activity
GO:0004222 (enables) metalloendopeptidase activity
GO:0004252 (enables) serine-type endopeptidase activity
GO:0005509 (enables) calcium ion binding
GO:0005518 (enables) collagen binding
GO:0008233 (enables) peptidase activity
GO:0008237 (enables) metallopeptidase activity
GO:0008270 (enables) zinc ion binding
GO:0016787 (enables) hydrolase activity
GO:0046872 (enables) metal ion binding
GO:0001958 (involved in) endochondral ossification
GO:0003417 (involved in) growth plate cartilage development
GO:0006508 (involved in) proteolysis
GO:0022617 (involved in) extracellular matrix disassembly
GO:0030198 (involved in) extracellular matrix organization
GO:0030282 (involved in) bone mineralization
GO:0030574 (involved in) collagen catabolic process
GO:0044267 (involved in) cellular protein metabolic process
GO:0051216 (involved in) cartilage development
GO:0060349 (involved in) bone morphogenesis
GO:1904645 (involved in) response to amyloid-beta
GO:0005576 (located in) extracellular region
GO:0005615 (located in) extracellular space
GO:0031012 (located in) extracellular matrix

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