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PBID Uniprot Name Gene Alternative Organism Uniprot Description
PB0102 P10451 Osteopontin SPP1 BNSP, BSPI, ETA-1, OPN, secreted phosphoprotein 1 Homo_sapiens Acts as a cytokine involved in enhancing production of interferon-gamma and interleukin-12 and reducing production of interleukin-10 and is essential in the pathway that leads to type I immunity.

DomainsGene Ontology
PF00865 (Osteopontin)
GO:0005125 (enables) cytokine activity
GO:0005178 (enables) integrin binding
GO:0005515 (enables) protein binding
GO:0050840 (enables) extracellular matrix binding
GO:0001503 (involved in) ossification
GO:0001649 (involved in) osteoblast differentiation
GO:0006710 (involved in) androgen catabolic process
GO:0006954 (involved in) inflammatory response
GO:0007155 (involved in) cell adhesion
GO:0007165 (involved in) signal transduction
GO:0007566 (involved in) embryo implantation
GO:0010033 (involved in) response to organic substance
GO:0030154 (involved in) cell differentiation
GO:0031214 (involved in) biomineral tissue development
GO:0033280 (involved in) response to vitamin D
GO:0045780 (involved in) positive regulation of bone resorption
GO:0045893 (involved in) positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO:0046697 (involved in) decidualization
GO:0048545 (involved in) response to steroid hormone
GO:0048685 (involved in) negative regulation of collateral sprouting of intact axon in response to injury
GO:0071394 (involved in) cellular response to testosterone stimulus
GO:2000866 (involved in) positive regulation of estradiol secretion
GO:0005615 (is active in) extracellular space
GO:0005576 (located in) extracellular region
GO:0005788 (located in) endoplasmic reticulum lumen
GO:0005794 (located in) Golgi apparatus
GO:0031982 (located in) vesicle
GO:0042995 (located in) cell projection
GO:0048471 (located in) perinuclear region of cytoplasm
GO:0070062 (located in) extracellular exosome

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